Thursday, October 2, 2008

India kicks some Butt!

After courting a lot of controversies, its final here, A Ban on Public Smoking, put into force from today, Oct 2nd, all over India. Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has stood firm on his decision to go ahead with the plan, amidst fierce opposition from fellow ministers, powerful lobbies and the film world. But let's wait and watch how its going to be implemented. I am quite certain, there will be a renewed vigour from the police to execute it, as it is going to be a lucrative business for them from day one. With an individual fine of upto Rs. 200, the lower rung of the police force is going to be extremely delighted with this new law. :)

Dr. Ramadoss is a tough nut. Expressing support for gay community rights s put him at loggerheads with the Home Ministry. Earlier he sought to put an end to smoking on screen, inviting bitter scorn from the filmi world. Before the complete blanket on public smoking, he had introduced laws to ban tobacco advertising in India, on sale of tobacco products to minors and a ban on the sale of tobacco products within a radius of 100 yards from educational institutions.

Coming from the southern land of Tamil Nadu, where public leaders are deified beyond bounds, he is finding it tough to find support in the Capital. I believe, we need not only strong worded politicians, but politicians willing to take strong action, like him. We can surely overlook the occasional peccadillos he commits.