Monday, June 16, 2008

@ The Police Station

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Discovery of India - The Sequel


Welcome to my blog!...Whether you have stumbled here by chance or if you were invited by a desperate me, I hope you will find my posts entertaining...if they are, post a comment, if they arent, plz plz post atleast a comment. :)

This is my first attempt at blogging, though the itch to start had been there for years...The blog's named Discovery of India - The Sequel. The Discovery of India is a timeless classic written by Jawaharlal Nehru, while in Ahmednagar Fort Jail. The book was an elective study as part of our English course in school. No sooner had the first chapter been completed, it was withdrawn (one of the reasons being complaints from my classmates for the book containing totally incoherent and incomprehensible thought) by the school authorities.

Nehru writes "India...was like an ancient palimpset on which layer upon layer of thought and reverie had been inscribed, and yet no succeeding layer had completely hidden or erased what had been written previously" . So very true, and this blog is a sequel to the Journey of Discovery that Nehru undertook, to see the real India, and to try to decipher the thoughts inscribed on each layer.

Having grown up abroad, each day of my life in India, for me, is different and filled with rich experiences. Hope I can share some of them here through words and pictures....